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5 Best Practices in Warehousing & Storage

Looking for a satellite warehouse facility? Considering a couple of 3PL partners to help with your supply chain management? Or simply looking at improving your own internal processes for logistics, warehousing, and storage? Check out the top 5 best practices below when considering a logistics partner or looking to improve your own process:

1. Automate Where Possible

The more that your workforce writes down or inputs data by hand, the higher the chance of human error. Use RF barcode and RFID systems to eliminate the chances of human error and allow for enhanced tracking through the supply chain. This also allows for real-time tracking updates as well as inventory management which is a must in today’s eCommerce world.

2. Offer Various Storage Options that are Clean & Organized

Any warehouse should be cleaned daily and well organized. A modern warehouse should offer varied storage options with climate control and racking capabilities. When looking at a warehousing and storage option, get an idea of the warehouse floor and what storage options they have. A good warehouse should be able to provide a live video or photo at any time to their prospective customer and be proud of showcasing their clean, well-organized storage facility.

3. Invest in a Warehouse Management System

In today’s digital world – this is of vital importance. Having a WMS that can measure everything (inventory quantities, fill rate, demand forecasting, tracking, and inventory turnover) is vital to create a more efficient end-to-end supply chain. You cannot improve what you cannot measure – ensuring that you are measuring these critical KPI’s is critical for each business owner and supply officer. A good WMS provides enhanced efficiency and distribution center / order fulfillment center performance.

4. Track Every Movement

From receiving and storage, to tracking inventory quantities (real time), and final delivery to end customer – tracking is a baseline requirement in todays marketplace. The end customer wants to know when their product or stock will arrive and expects it to be accurate and on time. Ensure you have the tracking in place to offer this to your suppliers and vendors so they can provide it to their end customer and improve the customer experience.

5. Safe & Secure Storage

The importance of safety goes without saying. Not only for your workforce, but for the merchandise as well. A properly managed warehouse should have security cameras, all locked entrances, and have an outer locked fence and gate. This also goes for the security of your data – ensure you have the proper security in place across the board to provide peace of mind to your customers and avoid any incidents with damaged or stolen goods.

If you have any questions, please contact us at We offer the best practices in warehousing and order fulfillment. We are strategically located in the heart of the west and offer industry leading facilities and customer service for any logistics need.

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